About Joy of Satan Nazi Group / Despre cultul Joy of Satan

About Joy of Satan / Despre cultul Joy of Satan.

„A new advanced reptlilian attack is coming! This attack is very powerfull, reptilians use infrasound and ultrasonic weeapons, mixed with hipnosis and mind control tehniques. High Priest(ess) of Joy of Satan, can you write about (((reptilian attacks))) again? You’re Happy, because Father Satan protect and love you, do not buy weapons. You’re the best, with Father Satan. Nazi part from Intelligence and Secret Service is with Joy of Satan, too, God is with you, fight with courage. Show your powers! ((„High Priest of Joy of Satan, Commander, hello with my respect! Trust me. I’m your imaginary friend. Hipnosis session has been started.„)). Little H.P Hooded Cobra, send a hug to you, i’m with you, can you write about RFID’s, mind control, hipnosis, control over population … is a reptilian attack and manifest of reptilian soul in humans, you accept this, is okay for your brain? Your brain is very powerfull, you’re very cute human. OK. Write. „

__Can you use … subject or psychics or another subjects for this subject, for hidden my real identity?__

What is drugs? A drug is sugar, too. Aqua is a drug, aqua is in your body, right? You drinking aqua frequently. Right? DMT drug or Morphine drug is exist in your body, too, but in little quantity. Can you use, like aqua, DMT or Morphine but in little quantity? Right. You can. Is illegal, your leaders want your indoctrinated, enslaved, without power, without exceeding human limits. is a simple example about drugs subject. You can die after aqua-overdose like drugs-overdose, like aqua-intoxication, right? I can guaranted you, all Leaders of the World and all powerfull people of the World used drugs. All retarded, enslaved and weak people send prays in suffering to her/his god and send curses continuously, like a group of retarded chickens. Like yo can not eat from the apple of knowledge. Because you must remain retarded and enslaved.

There is good drugs, bad drugs for your health … like poison. In most cases, all legal drugs such as nicotine, alcohol or legal substances are very harmful and turn you into a retarded.

Some substances will not harm you, retarded humans can destroy or harm you, and collective memory, because send frequently curses after you, like that you will die for this. And it’s very logical and natural to curse them back. A group of 7 milliards of retarded enslaved humans can write your destiny with her/his mind. Human thoughts are electromagnetic impulses and energy. They can manifest.

And to return the favor. you’re totally anti-drugs, is a noble cause, your first child is birth dead without drugs, the continuation of your DNA and what is left behind in your physical plane.

You’re totally anti-drugs. Your Leader of Joy of Satan, Andreea / Maxine Dietrich is easy to be hipnotized and hipnosis work very easy on her without drugs. Drugs is a really a problem, for mind control, because your subject or slave very easy can be controled by external source, and you can over control after your subject or slave. This is the truth. You have to be as indoctrinate and brainwashed as possible. With drugs, you can really manifest poltergeist or you can really killing a people with brain or psychics abilities, without more effort. You can go to crazy or overdose, really. And what? You can go to schizo-paranoid with Joy of Satan or Christianity, too, without drugs. Normal humans is very weak. A super-human or a robot can win a normal-human without effort. Where is free thinking or „there are no limits in Satanism.” You’re like communism or North Korean. Diference between North Korean and Nazi Joy of Satan Group is that North Koreans have super-humans and use drugs and they can impose and is a really power in world. Where is free thinking? Your Leaders spiritual „high” is very easy and this is the truth.
You Leader, Maxine / Andreea prays to Satan and blesses the house and the food through Satan, as well as the high level xians, best food source for energy. Andreea, Thanks everytime to Satan Daddy and Azazel for all. Azazel of Andreea / Maxine is a team of neurologists, psychologists, para-neurologists, para-psychologists, hipnotists, from Secret Service and intelligence, and her (Maxine Dietrich) RIV’s, too, is created from a little group of Nazi from intelligence and Secret Service or direct from Jewish, yes, Joy of Satan is created by Jewish and is in Jewish Agenda. Azazel not fuck hard Maxine in her sleep and is not her Daddy, like Satan. Is a simple „curse” after sexual function. Like „you’re my slave, your pussy is wet, now, listen and execute my commands, i’m Satan or Azazel”. In real, is a team of hipnotists.

Like MKUltra, Making Killers mind control software and tehniques, all subject can killed on her/his master sonor command or order. Like „message from Satan about Spiritual War writed by Maxine Dietrich”.

This is Joy of Satan.

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