Truth about Romania

Romania: people held in cold, tortured, isolated, exploited full and discarded, imprisoned or killed, hungry, energetically weakened.

From higher level – Head of Gouvernment and to low corrupted level: police, intelligence, army.

Romania: MKULtra on citizenship, abuses, kills, corruption, isolate, deprivation of rights, deprivation of liberty, deprivation of opportunities, lack of knowledge and promotion of lack of knowledge, deprivation of money and exploit humans without benefits and ethics .

Romanians humans garbages sent continously attacks for USA and CIA. Standard hipnosis with RFID and without RFID (like psychics). All is for obtain 100% control into subject – and, next from that, kill or isolate (like jail or air-free jail) the subject. And try to denigrate Central Intelligence Agency continously or another external services and country from World – sent continously cyber-attacks and psi-attacks against USA and intelligence from USA or for another country. Team(s) from Romania assume identity of USA or external Secret Service / inteligence, (like you pretend to be from enemy part) for used psychics vs. USA or intelligence of America or like used psychics to pretend to be from „Central Intelligence Agency, NSA” or other – like propaganda or online crimes – next, all issues, kills, is from USA or american intelligence.

Action with power and fire, for TRUTH and JUSTICE or isolate this country! I am from Romania.

For your self defense and your soul self-defense, you’re in danger with romanians retarded and enslaved „humans”-garbages in your mind, town, house or country. These „humans”-garbages is head of corruption and steal. All „people” from romanians with Ph. D is corrupted and partipating on „modern assasination” – like remove a person from society and after that, used for make more corruption, steal in world. All romanians is like rats. Like European Union and NATO alliance, and in secret work with Russian Federation, against NATO and European Union for make more money and spread more corruption and steal in world – and reverse. This ‘humans’-garbages want to exit from European Union, because with this action can make more money, and do not exist a a higher level to punish or action in this case, like North Korean.

Try to enter into Romania, from a higher level. These „humans”-rats be used all the infrastructure – intelligence, army, police, zombie citizens, to make you go faster from this country. You can not view corruption, because is a secret and this rats is aware about that. All person from „anti-corruption” from Romania is, in truth, full of corruption and partipating frequently on „modern assasination” of very more humans.

Like an example: you want for help romanians. All your money and energy is stealed by leaders and corrupted people from Romania: leaders, Police, intelligence and Army and your target, like a noble cause is not completed. And these „humans”-garbages make more money, spread more corruption in World and show you the situation as they want.

  • 0,1% from your money, thoughts and energy is received by your target – and this energy is cursing by the minds of Romanians.

Another example, do you want to donate to a Romanian woman suffering from cancer, an organization for „salvation of childs”? Do you want to build something in Romania and give money in Romania? 90% of the money is stolen by corrupted people, is in their damn DNA and you are cursed by these „humans” and your target is not reached – and your target is cursed too.

I am from Romania.

For Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Soul.

Spread the truth, with truth for Freedom of Soul.

You choose for not say „kill and death for romanians” – they want this, this is reason for you’re arrested or condensed hate against you.

A country with a bitch history. A country full of corruption and abuses and like micro and macro, what is in Romania has been spread into World.

Like this: – is in all Romania: a country full of corruption.

In Romania, Romanians curse or steal the only and last piece of food in their mouths of another people. The Romanians eat their flesh at each other, with happy, like as during the Holocaust, as the Jews did, starving. It is a nation full of diseases that only send diseases.

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